Lean Manufacturing

JACO thrives in the competitive global manufacturing landscape. We use lean principles to discover and control variability in our processes. We continuously improve our processes to eliminate waste and deliver superior value to our customers.


JACO invests in advanced machine tools with automation features that allow us to machine complex parts in fewer steps with minimal labor cost.

  • 3-Axis and 5-Axis CNC Horizontal Mills are setup for multi-sided machining of multiple parts at time. Extended run cycles, monitored tool life and reliable accuracy enable us to run these machines lights out to increase capacity and reduce costs!
  • Multi-Axis Turn/Mill centers are bar-fed for continuous operation and can machine parts with high complexity and close tolerances – front and back side in a single operation.
  • Swiss Screw machines produce super precision and long slender parts ideal for medical application, such as surgical instruments.


  • Automated centrifugal and vibratory tumblers finish parts in an efficient and consistent manner.

Click here to view our list of production equipment as a downloadable pdf.

Software Tools

JobBOSS       ERP software that manages our shop including quoting, purchasing, routing, scheduling, inventory, shipping, and costing

Solidworks    3D mechanical design system for product development, fixture and tool design

Simpletrak     Our quality system management tool with record keeping. Certified to AS9100C and ISO9001

GibbsCAM     Solids-based tool path generation for milling machines.

Partmaker      Solids-based tool path generation for mulit-axis turn-mill and Swiss screw machines.

 Send us your solid model files for direct import into our CAM software. JACO can accept IGS, DXF, STP, or Solidworks native files.


JACO is a responsible member of the business community working to reduce our impact on the planet and to improve the environment in our community. Click here to download our environmental policy.

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