JACO Manages Inventory for Carl Zeiss Meditec

| Thursday, March 1st, 2012 | Comments Off on JACO Manages Inventory for Carl Zeiss Meditec

JACO Machine Works announces it will join the vendor managed inventory (VMI) program at Carl Zeiss Meditec, Inc, (CZMI) a global medical technology leader producing ophthalmology and optometry instruments in Dublin, CA.

As a preferred key supplier to CZMI, JACO was invited to join the VMI program as part of lean manufacturing initiatives underway there. Under the VMI program JACO will deliver its precision products directly to the production line inside Zeiss’ optics assembly clean room. JACO will take full responsibility for monitoring Zeiss’ consumption rates and planning for timely replenishment.

“JACO is pleased with the opportunity to demonstrate to our very good customer our commitment to operational excellence and improving the value stream,” said Andy Smith, JACO’s VP of Sales. “World leading OEM’s seek stable supply chain relationships built on enhanced value and reliable performance. They want their parts, just when they need them, and they don’t confuse value with cheap.”

Since Zeiss launched its flagship Cirrus HD-OCT product in 2007, JACO’s precision components have been embedded in the heart of Cirrus’ spectrometer assembly. JACO’s optical frames support critical optics including the image capturing CCD camera.

Employing lean manufacturing techniques, JACO manufactures Cirrus components in small lots on a highly automated CNC machining cells. JACO’s programmable DCC CMM inspection instrument assures quality and has earned JACO parts “dock-to-stock” status, completely bypassing Zeiss’ receiving inspection process.  JACO’s automated parts finishing and cleaning systems complete the lean value stream.

In 2010, Zeiss implemented a Kanban system in its supply chain, requiring JACO to keep finished goods on hand and ship parts upon receiving an email pull signal from Zeiss.  JACO’s excellence in Kanban management earned it high marks for on time delivery.  The VMI program is the next logical step in leaning out the supply chain.

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